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One day we decided to start a Sample Band - the rest is history ;)
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Sample Song Grunge 990
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Welcome to Jamroom!
» Posted By: camel » Posted On: 03/23/08 21:21:18
Welcome to Jamroom! The page you are seeing now is the "default" index page for Jamroom. This is the page you want to modify so your site has a unique look and feel. You will find the template for this page located in your templates/index sub directory (within your Jamroom directory). Note that you DO NOT need to use this page - it is merely provided to give you an easy place to start customizing the page that visitors to your site will see first. You can also create more than 1 template and simply pass the name of the template file to the index.php script - i.e.
You'll need to make sure that the template is located in the jamroom/temlpates/index directory or Jamroom will be unable to use your template. If you choose to NOT use this as your front page to your site, you can simply link directly to the login.php script to provide a link to your artist login, as well as provide links to the other output scripts that Jamroom provides to "fill in" the information on your front page. If you WOULD like to use the Jamroom Index as your site index, and would like to specify an alternate template file, you can simply create a file called ".htaccess" (or add to it if one already exists) and place the following line inside:
DirectoryIndex index.php?template=new_template_name.tpl index.php
Where "new_template_name.tpl" would be replaced with the actual name of the template file you created in the jamroom/templates/index directory. Note that templates MUST have a .tpl extension. That will use your new template design as the basis for the Directory Index. If you are using the Jamroom "Friendly Names&" in your Jamroom (part of the Jamroom Bonus Pack), you will need to modify your current .htaccess file, and replace the following line:
RewriteRule ^$ index.php
RewriteRule ^$ index.php?template=your_template.tpl
Jamroom uses Smarty templates for the template files, I HIGHLY recommend you check out and utilize the User Documentation available there to help you in modifying the template. There really are a lot of helpful things that Smarty can do, and the more you know about Smarty the better your site will be. If you want to login to Jamroom and begin using some of the "back-end" Jamroom features, click on the Artist Login link to your left, and enter the Master Admin user name and password you entered during installation. Once logged in as the Master Admin, check out the "Documentation" section in your Admin Menu for documents on how to set up and customize many of the Jamroom features. Also, from the Master Admin menu you can visit the Jamroom Forums if you want to get additional information or help on using your Jamroom. I hope you enjoy using Jamroom! - Brian